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11. Accidentals Exercises

accidentals exercises

Grade 1 exercise 11 accidentals



Accidentals are sharps flats and naturals placed in front of the note head to which the sign will refer. These signs change the pitch of the sound of the note, either by raising the note with the use of accidental or by lowering the pitch with the accidental.

The sharp placed in front of a note head will raise the sound of that note by a semitone, but we need to remember the accidental will only have power until it comes to a bar-line. If the note is to remain raised in the next bar another accidental will need to be used.

The flat sign lowers the note by a semitone when placed in-front of a note head, the same applies the accidental will have to be rewritten if still enquired after the bar-line, A natural accidental restores the note back to normal pitch.


Sharps Flats and Naturals




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accidentals exercises

music theory exercises




11. Accidentals Exercises




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