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12. Rests and Time Signatures

rests and time signatures

Grade 2. lesson 12 rests and time signatures

Using Rests with new Time Signatures


With adding new time signatures in grade two we will have to be extra careful when working using rests with time signatures. For example make sure you understand when to use a Bar-Rest. Do you understand how to use a minim rest (half note rest) in 4 over 4 time, or a semibreve rest (whole note rest) in 4 over 2 time signatures?

There is so much to discuss on this topic it has taken five pages A4 size to cover the information given along with the diagrams, which you will find in lesson 12 Rests and Time Signatures of The Music Theory Lessons Book Grade Two. Rests are used often through out music, so it is most important you are able to learn all about rests.


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Can we use a rest within a group of notes which are beamed? Yes we can, but we have to be very careful, always check the time signatures. You will find diagrams showing rests within a beam in lesson 12. Check it out, most important you know what to write if required on your exam paper. Rests equal beats of silence, each kind of rest
uses the same time values equal of the music note values.


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12 Rests and Time Signatures



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