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12. Tones and Semitones Exercises

tones and semitones exercises

Grade 1 exercise 12 tones and semitones


Tones and Semitones

Tones and semitones are the distance between one notes pitch in sound and the next note, When we look at tones and semitones we find they are what makes up the musical scale. There are five pairs of tones and two pairs of semitones in all major scales.

Tones and semitones make the distance between different degrees of intervals (you will learn about intervals in another lesson)
Tones and semitones measure many distances between notes, example 3 tones + 1 semitone makes a distance of a perfect 5th.
The smallest distance in pitch is 1 semitone.




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 Tones and Semitones

To continue with this exercise you will find it on page 33 of the exercise book.
The complete exercise can be viewed within music theory exercise grade one

What are tones and semitones? How and when are tones and semitones used?
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12. Tones and Semitones Exercises




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