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13. Acciaccatura and Appoggiatura

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Grade 4. Lesson 13. acciaccatura and
appoggiatura 'ornaments'

Acciaccatura 'ornament'

acciaccatura (grace note)

 ACCIACCATURA Italian comes from Italian verb schiacciare
 "to crush".The Acciaccatura is perhaps best thought of as a
 shorter variant of the long appoggiatura.

 It is theoretically timeless and is squeezed in as quickly as possible
 before the principal note is heard.
 Some pianists play the two notes simultaneously, immediately
 releasing the acciaccatura and releasing the principal note.

 However; if you play an instrument which only plays one note at a
 time you will need to play the note as quickly as possible moving
 to the principal note.

example written note


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Appoggiatura 'ornament'

appoggiatura (leaning note)


written and played notes


appoggiatura information

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13 acciaccatura and appoggiatura

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