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13. Major Scales Exercises

major scales exerecises

Grade 1 exercise 13 major scales

Major Scales

With four major scales introduced in this first grade we are able to cover major scales which use sharps, also major scales which use flats. But the first scale we talked about in the lesson was C major, this scale does not require either sharps or flats.

One question which may be asked is, What is a major scale?
The answer to this question would be, a major scale is a run of eight notes using tones and semitone intervals. The important part of a major scale is where the semitones fall. If you get the tones and semitones in the correct places of the major scale you can begin the scale on any key. All major scales have two pairs of semitones and they always fall in the same place, this keeps the major scale sounding the same whichever note you start on.


questions on major scales

question (a) Two   question (b) 3rd/4th and 7th/8th degrees  question (c) tonic note 1st or 8th  question (d) we use four major scales   question (e) C major, G major, D major, F major.  

a b c d e

point on the blue stars to reveal answers


To continue with this exercise you will find it on page 63 of the exercise book.
The complete exercise can be viewed within music theory grade one.


Once you have worked through the lessons of major scales in grade one, you will have found the diagrams of each major scale. These diagrams have been created to give you the clearest view possible in explaining how the major scale is built. Showing where the tones and semitones of each major scale fall.

You will have noticed there are two pairs of semitones in every major scale, they always fall between the 3rd- 4th degree also between the 7th -8th degree. This is true of every major scale, whatever the number of sharps or flats are within the scale.

The main part for you now is to practice writing the major scales, becoming used to adding sharps or flats
and seeing for yourself where the semitones lies.


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13. Major Scales Exercises



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