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14. Key Signatures Exercises

14.key signatures exercises

Grade 1. exercise 14 key signatures


Key Signatures


A group of sharps or flats placed at the start of a piece of music are called key signatures.
We use key signatures because it makes it much more clear to read the notation.

Without key signatures every note which would require raising or lowering in pitch would
need a accidental. This would make the music difficult to read, so we use a key signature.


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Key Signatures


To continue with this exercise you will find it on page 69 of the exercise book.
The complete exercise can be viewed within music theory exercises grade one

Key Signatures have been used within this first grade lessons. We used a F# key signature
for the key of G major, also a F# and C# with the key signature of D major.
The B flat sign was used for the key signature of F major, but remember no key signature
was required for the key of C major.


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14. Key Signatures Exercises



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