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14. Writing four-bar Rhythm Exercises

14. Writing four-bar Rhythm Exercises


Grade 3. exercise 14 writing four-bar rhythm


Writing four bar rhythm


If you have been following the lessons for writing four bar rhythm, such like the one we first started in grade one. Writing rhythm in grade one was just adding a answer phrase to the two bar rhythm given.
I guess at that level you felt it had some difficulty, but it ended up ok, didn't it!

Then you moved on to writing four bar rhythm in grade two, now that gave a little bit more challenge, because you were given only half of the question section, which of course you had to complete before writing your answer section.

Here you are now at grade three, so I guess you managed to deal with writing four bar rhythm for grade two.
If you have studied the lesson given in Music Theory Lessons Book, and worked through the example of writing a four bar rhythm, I'm sure you will build your experience with the following exercises you will find in The Music Theory Exercise Grade Three Book which is available by clicking on the button lower down this page.

Remember from the lesson we are looking at two possible ways in which the question on the exam paper for writing a four bar rhythm for grade three may be asked.

1st.. notes where you can start with a pick up note, then complete the first bar, and continue from there.

2nd. a small section of notes given, you are told to add these notes to your rhythm, but not necessarily at the beginning


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14. Writing four-bar Rhythm Exercises




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