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16. Tonic Triads Exercises

tonic triads exercises

Grade 1 exercise 16 tonic triads

Tonic Triads

The tonic triad in a major key is a chord of three notes. These three notes are built up from the major scale, they consist of the tonic, the third degree and the fifth degree. In grade one we will only be looking at tonic triads in the root position.

Thus in each tonic triad you may be asked to write, the root note will always be the bottom of the three notes example tonic triad of C major will be C E and G. the tonic triad of D major will be D F# and A, notice how we have to use F# in this tonic triad, this is because when we play the scale of D major the third degree of the scale is F#.

In the tonic triad of F major the notes will be F A and C. You will have got the idea now, each tonic triad is simple the root, the third and the fifth degree of the major scale.


tonic triads exercises



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tonic triads

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16. Tonic Triads Exercises



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