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16. Writing Rhythm Exercises

writing rhythm exercises

Grade 2. exercise 16 writing rhythm


Composing a four bar Rhythm


The examples of answers given are a guide to help you decide how well you have done with your own rhythms.

Because there are many ways in which you could write your rhythm it is not possible to give just one answer.
The best advice given here is revise over the lesson for this section, from the Music Theory Lessons Grade Two Book. Compare your own answers with the ones you will find in Music Theory Exercises Grade Two Book Model answers for each of these five tests have been written, but you must remember if 100 students composed a rhythm, we would have many different rhythms, some would be better than others, but all would be different.

Therefore, the perfect answer cannot be given, you can compare your own rhythms with the ones given in the lesson book. This will give you a good idea on how well you have done.

Most of all, keep practising with writing rhythms, I do promise the more you write, and tap out your rhythm the easier it will become.



  Writing Rhythm



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16. Writing Rhythm Exercises




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