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17. Performance Directions

performance directions

Grade 2. lesson 17 performance directions

Working with Performance Directions


For Grade Two Music Theory, you will need to know all the foreign musical terms and symbols
which you learnt for Grade One. Along with a few more.

If you feel the need to revise the grade one terms, do so NOW. Before you start to work on
these extra ones for Grade Two.
You will find the grade one foreign terms in lesson 18 page 78/79 of the 'Music Theory Course
Book'. If not you can revise on-line, by going to lesson 18 and lesson 19 grade one.


  As in Grade one, the list of words will be set in small sections, I hope this will help you to learn
  and remember the words easier. If you enjoyed playing the game with the words while learning
  grade one, you can think of these being a few more extra to add to your list.

  In each of the ABRSM examinations there are always more foreign terms to learn, so our best
  advice is, once you know them keep using them regular. By doing this you will only have a short
  list to add to your knowledge of terms, each time you step up a grade.


Foreign Terms grade Two



Foreign Terms gd 2





Foreign Terms Grade two


Music Signs for Grade Two


  1.a 1.b

Music Signs Grade Two




 The sign 1a. over or under a note means
 that it has to be played with an accent.
 The sign 1b over or under the note means
 the same,or even stronger accent.




 The sign 2a. Dots inside a slur means
 the notes should be slightly separated
 (semi-staccato) but less separated than
 notes with ordinary staccato dots.



 The sign 3a. A wedge sign indicates a
 super-staccato (staccatissimo) the note
 is to be played as briefly as possible
 and accented.



 The sign 4a The sign _ means the note is
 to be given a slight pressure (and generally
 slightly separated).




17. Performance Directions



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