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2. Pitch of Sound

pitch of sound

Grade 2. lesson 2 pitch of sound

The Pitch of Sound


In grade two you will be asked to rewrite some melody notes from Bass to Treble or Treble to Bass, without changing the pitch of sound.
Your challenge here is to make sure the pitch of sound always stays the same.

How will we do this?Good question, but rewriting without changing the pitch of sound is easy once we look at a few simple rules. In this lesson we will be looking at a selection of diagrams showing how, when a note is written on the Bass Clef, we can write the same pitch of sound on the Treble Clef.

The piano is the only instrument which will cover the pitch of sound used by any other instrument, so we shall be using a diagram of the piano keys which is great for showing students how the pitch of sound can be changed on paper but still produce the same sound when played.


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Whichever instrument you play we suggest you play the notes which you find in the pitch of sound examples, even though they are shown on piano you will be able to work them out for your instrument.


Music Theory Lessons Grade Two

Music Theory Lessons Grade Two

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