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2.The Staff or Stave and Clef

2. the staff or stave and clef

Grade 1. lesson 2 the staff or stave and clef

The Staff in some countries is called the Stave, so it's really a matter of choice, you may use either of the names. I tend to use Staff because many people all over the world are working from these lessons, and the many Music Theory Books which cover The Ultimate Study Course.

Just choose the name you like the best. Staff or Stave, they are both correct.
The name Clef is used in all countries, but here again each Clef which you will meet along your journey in the music world will also have more than one name. Take for instance the Treble Clef, this is also known as the G Clef.
The Bass Clef is also called the F Clef. You will find out why this is so, when we move along the lessons.

What is the Staff (Stave)?

Music notationis written by placing the symbols on to lines,
also in the spaces between the lines.

The Staff(also called the Stave) is made up of five lines

You choose to use the name Staffor Staveboth are equal and correct

Because we have fivelines we also have fourspaces.


lines to make the music staff or atave


The lines and spaces are always counted from the bottom upwards.

Each line and space uses a letter name.

In music theory, we only use the first seven letters of the alphabet,
they are always written as capital letters.




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the staff or stave lines and spaces


What is a Clef? Why do we need a Clef?

What is a Clef?


A Clef is a symbol, placed at the beginning of the Staff (Stave)


Why do we need a Clef?

Without a clef the five lines do not have their letter names,
they are just simply five lines.

Once a clefis added, the lines and spaces have a letter name
which in turn relate to a pitch in sound.

So, let's take a look at the two clefswhich we will need for the early music theory grades.

music theory lessons


The Treble Clefsymbol now gives the lines letter names,
the important line is the 2nd line, notice how the Clefcurls around the 2nd line,
the Treble Clefis also known as the G Clef.


music theory

The Bass Clefis also known as the F Clef.

You will see it curves around the 4th line.

Also notice the two dots, these dots sit one each side of the F line.


music theory exercises


Five lines with no clef, are just five lines.

Notes written on the lines without a clef give no indication of which key
the musician should play.


Treble Clef with line names

Now the Treble Clefhas been placed at the beginning of the five lines, we are
able to give each line a letter name.

The line letter names can be easily remembered by saying

Every Good Boy Deserves Fruit

or you can make up any sentence you like, to fit the letter names.


music theory

Notice how the four letters to cover the space names in the Treble Clefspell a word.




Remember we always count the lines and spaces from the bottom line.

So, the E line is line 1. and the F space is space 1.




Bass lines and spaces


music theory lessons


With the Bass Clefplaced at the beginning of these five lines,
each line now as a letter name.

The letter names for the Bass can be remembered by saying


or any sentence you wish to use.


music theory exercises

The space letters are easy to remember by saying

All C ows E at G rass.

or make up your own sentence to fit the letters

A  C  E  G


Staff with Treble Clef


The Staff with Bass Clef


  The main aim for you now is to use some manuscript (practice paper).

  Draw a clefand write the names of the lines and spaces,

  until you can write the names almost without thought.


music theory music notation

time valua of music notes

1. The Staff or Stave and Clef



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