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5. Dotted Notes and Dotted Rests

5. dotted notes and dotted rests

Grade 1. lesson 5. dotted notes
and dotted rests

In this lesson we look at using dotted notes and dotted rests. Why would we want to use dots,
and where do we put them. Further down this page you will find what dotted notes and dotted
rests do to the notes and rests. Sometimes the composer requires more value to the note or
rest he is using, so therefore, introduced the dotted notes and dotted rests.

Introducing the Dotted Notes


The previous pages have outlined the following note beats

Four Beats Two Beats One Beat Half Beat and Quarter Beat

Are you wondering where is the Three Beat Note.


There are a number of ways in which we can lengthen the value of a note.

One of those ways is to add a Dot, the Dot is always placed on the right side of the note head.

By adding a Dot to the note, it makes the value of the note change.

The Dot lengthens the value by giving the note half of the value again in other words 50% more.


Dotted Minim (dotted half note) music note with dot

Notice we only add the word Dotted in front of the name of the note.

So a normal Minim (Half Beat) of two beats, because a Dotted Minim
(Dotted Half Note.) once the Dot is placed in front of the Note Head, this dot
lengthens the value of the note by half of the original value.

Two beats for the note, plus one beat for the Dot.
  The note now becomes the value of three crotchet (quarter note) beats.


Quick Guide to Dotted Notes

dotted music note Semibreve (Whole Note)

dotted music note Minim (half note)



Dotted music note crotchet ( dotted quarter note)



Dotted music note quaver (eighth note)


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Quick guide to dotted rests


Like each of the music notes may be lengthened by the use of a Dot,
this also holds good for each of the music rests.


selection of dotted music notes and rests

One more important point to mention about dotted notes
and dotted rests....
Always remember when your note is written on a line,
the Dot will need to be placed in the space above that line.

When the note is in a space the Dot will be placed in the same space.

Dots used with rests, will be placed in the third space of the Staff (Stave)

Take a look at these examples below


Examples of dotted notes and dotted rests



Dotted Notes and Dotted Rests



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