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5. Major Scales Exercises

major scales exercises

Grade 2. exercise 5 major scales


Major Scales


Starting on page 19 of The Music Theory Exercise Book Grade Two, you will find examples of music scales exercises.
These exercises will give you excellent practice opportunities to work through all the major scales learnt in lesson 5 of the Music Theory Lessons Book.
Remember in the previous exercises of the major key signatures we built knowledge of which keys held sharps, and which held flats.
Now we have the chance to write these out in full scales. In the Grade Two examination there will be a question either on writing scales with a key signature, or just writing a major scale without a key signature, which of course means you will need to add any accidental required for that major scale. 

It will also be very important you keep the semitones in their correct places, so knowing where any sharps or flats need to be placed is paramount. Once your scale is written, check with care all tones and semitones are in the correct places.


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 5. Major Scales Exercises




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