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6. Keys with Five Sharps and Five Flats Exercises

6. Keys with Five Sharps and Five Flats Exercises

Grade 4. exercise 6. keys with five sharps
and five flats exercises


Key Signatures with five sharps or five flats


If you have studied well with all the key signatures to date, this question should not be a problem. You will need to remember the technical names given for each degree of the scale.

You may be asked to name degrees using the technical names. Writing scales either in major or minor harmonic or melodic forms.
Writing key signatures using any of the Clef's named, Treble, Bass, and the new addition Alto Clef, What is the other name for the Alto Clef? (Can you remember).

Name the key of a short melody, and rewrite it out again, but this time using the correct key signature, leave out any accidentals which become unnecessary, but remember to add any that may be needed.

The above are the type of question which you may find on your examination paper, you need to be able to answer whatever comes along, there are 10 points in it for you, if you can.

Work through the exercises within the book below, remember grade four is only one step away from the all important grade five. If you can't gain a high pass mark in grade four, you will have a problem at grade five level.
Make sure you are one of our students who can achieve a Distinction in Grade Four. Then you will be well on your way for a good high pass mark at Grade Five.


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Music Theory Exercises Grade 4

Music Theory Exercises Grade Four

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