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7. Ties and Slurs Exercises

ties and slurs exercises

Grade 1. exercise 7 ties and slurs


Ties and Slurs


Ties and Slurs are both curved lines, so careful checking is required when using them.
So, what is the difference? Well, when we use a tie is means the second note will not require playing, the performer will play the first note but hold the value of the note which is tied to it.

The Slur is also a curved line going from one note to another.
So, if these lines look the same how will I know which is which? The answer to this is easy, the tie line only goes to a note of the same pitch, example if you are playing a F note and you find a curved line going
to the very next note which happens to be a F note written at the same pitch, then it must be a Tie.

If the curved line is moving from the F note to,well let's say it's going to a A note, then it can't be a tie because they are not the same pitch. So this time it must be a slur.
Although ties and slurs look so very much alike you see why we say, all you have to do is look carefully to where the line is moving. This makes ties and slurs really easy. Sometimes a curved line will cover over a few notes, this tells the performer to play the notes smoothly.


    Test on Ties and Slurs


Test on ties and slurs


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Ties and Slurs


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