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7. Triplets


Grade 2. lesson 7 triplets

What is a music triplet?


Lesson seven is about triplets, so the question is What is a Music Triplet? Sometimes we need to divide a music note intothree smaller value notes.
Take this example, we will use a Crotchet note (quarter note) to explain. Normally a one beat note will divide
into two quavers (eighth notes). to equal 1 beat.

There are occasions when the composer requires an extra note, so the main beat is then divided into three. By placing a number 3 over the three notes these notes then become a triplet.

You will find many examples of triplets, and how to count them when they are mixed with other note values in
a rhythm, shown to you in lesson 7 of The Music Theory Lesson Book Grade two.


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Once you start reading and studying the diagrams of the music triplets within lesson 7. You will quickly realise how they fit in with the other note values.

We have set out examples of triplets in various note values, from the four beat note down to a half beat note.
There are also triplet diagrams showing how triplets work when you need to use rests within the triplet. And finally how we work with a dotted note if it is needed within a triplet. You will find diagrams of these in the book, lesson 7.


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7. Triplets



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