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8. Minor Keys and Tonic Triads

minor keys and tonic triads

Grade 2. lesson 8 minor keys and tonic triads

Minor Key Signatures


In this lesson we are going to meet three key signatures which are like the ones used in grade one. But we are going to give these keys different names. They belong to the minor keys. Working in this lesson you will find that every major key has a relative minor key. Example; Take the key of C major, the relative minor key is A minor.

If you look at E minor you will find the same key signature used for G major.

So, how is this going to work, how will we know which is major keys or which is minor keys?

Good question! But its easy really, just a few simple rules to follow, and you will soon be telling which is major and which is minor keys.

Once we have sorted major from minor, we will take a look at the new tonic triads.


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Now we have covered the minor keys, let's take a look at the tonic triads. In the Music Theory Lessons Book you will find we have built a chart, this chart covers the three new tonic triads, along with the tonic triads of the relative major keys.

This course will make it very easy for you to relate to the relative major key, and the minor keys. The chart also shows the key note, and the key signatures of each tonic triad.


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