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9 b. Part Two - Composing for Voice

9. Part Two - Composing for Voice

Grade 5. lesson 9 b.part two
composing for voice



Part Two - Composing for Voice


  Now we look at what to do if you choose the second option, composing for voice.

  This time you will have to decide which key you wish to compose in. My suggestion would be
  keep it simple' stay with C, G, or F major. 0r A, E, or D minor.
  hese three keys will be the easiest to write in. You won't gain any extra marks by choosing a more
  difficult key (like six sharps or flats). Because you are at grade 5 standard you will be well familiar with
  the keys suggested.
  If you do choose one of the minors emember to be aware of the accidental's.

  Try humming the scale of C major under your breath, remember you have to stay silent in the exam room,
  with practice you will find it's quiet easy to hum the scale in your head.
  Whatever sound comes to mind first think of it being middle C. and then silently hum a full octave of the
  major scale and down again to the tonic.

  If you have difficulty with this, first play the scale on your instrument, then hum it immediately, keep doing
  this until you can hum the scale without playing it first.

  Try this method with each of the suggested scales, you will soon find the one which is best for you.

  In the composition section of the exam there's never a specific correct answer. This is what makes it
  difficult to teach on-line. It's got to be your idea, your inventiveness from your imagination.

  However; we can work through a melody to assist in getting the technical part right. So, I've written
  some words to provide us with a model, we can start to put music to words.


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9 b. Part Two - Comosing for Voice



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