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9b. Composing for Voice Exercises

9b. Composing for Voice Exercises

Grade 5. exercise 9b. composing for voice


Composing for voice


Composing a Melody for Voice is about setting music to words.

 If you are a pianist and don't play an orchestral instrument, you might find the writing for voice
 question easier.
 During your preparation for the exam you should practice both types of question, you will soon
 become aware of the one most suited to you.

 If you choose 'Writing for Voice' you will be given the first two lines of text, these words will be
 taken from a poem.
 There will also be two blank staves for your melody notes, and space to write the words below the notes.

 The instructions will ask you to write a melody, for solo voice to fit the words of the text.
 You can choose whichever voice you prefer. ( soprano, alto, tenor or bass ) you don't have to state
 which voice you have chosen, but remember you must keep your melody within the normal range
 of your chosen voice, you must also use the appropriate clef.

 Your melody can be  4  or  8  bars in length, the words most often given usually fit well with an
 eight bar melody, but it's up to you to decide. Also this time you have to choose the Key Signature,
 and the Time Signature.

 Once you have your melody ready, remember you must add the performance directions,
( tempo, dynamics etc...)
 don't forget to write each syllable underneath the note which it is to be sung.
 This question on the exam paper can gain you 15 points, work for the higher marks you will
 get on the big day.


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9b. Composing for Voice Exercises



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