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Grade 1 Exercises

grade 1 exercises

Exercises for Grade One Music Theory

The Ultimate Music Theory Study Course

Students preparing for Grade One Music Theory Examination
Test your knowledge by working through these well designed
music theory exercises
following the syllabus of the
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music


Music Theory Exercises for Grade One

 This excellent book contains 18 Sets of Music Theory Exercises,
 complete with answers. All the exercises being in connection with
 Music Theory Lessons Grade One.

 With pages of interesting exercises, such as music notation, lines and spaces of the
 Staff (Stave).including all the topics required to
 Pass your Grade One Examination.
The book also contains a test paper, complete with score sheet,
 plus the answers. You will be able to check how well you are doing
 in your preparation for the Grade One Exam.

 Don't miss out on working through this valuable document, the importance of
 proven easy to follow information will guarantee success.

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Below you will find a List of each topic covered in Grade One

    1. Music Notation Exercises

    2. The Staff or Stave and Clef Exercises

    3. Notes and Time Values Exercises

    4. Rests Exercises

    5. Dotted Notes and Dotted Rests Exercises

    6. Time Signatures Exercises

    7. Ties and Slurs Exercises

    8. The Grand Staff or Stave Exercises

    9. Beaming Notes Exercises

    10. Stems Up or Down Exercises

    11. Accidentals Exercises

    12. Tones and Semitones Exercises

    13. Major Scales Exercises

    14. Key Signatures Exercises

    15. Intervals Exercises

    16. Tonic Triads Exercises

    17. Writing Rhythm Exercises

    18. Italian Terms Exercises

    19. Performance Directions Exercises

    20. Test Set 1 Grade 1

    21. Test Set 2 Grade 1



This theory of music course follows the requirements of the questions asked by the
The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

This music theory study course is also being used by students who are not taking examinations,
but are looking for the very best in easy to follow information, making learning enjoyable.


The information within Music Theory Exercises Grade One is progressive and cumulative.
While progressing through the grades you will need to remember to carry all the information forward. The total requirement for learning Music Theory is the continual progression.

The Music Theory Exercise Book Grade One covers a wealth of information via a choices of exercises which cover all the different topics which have been learned in the lessons section of grade one.
Working through these exercises will give a great benefit, plus the chance to check how much you
have remembered from the lessons for grade one.
Always take care when writing your notes, use a good pencil, if needed use a clean rubber,
never use the end of your pencil. Use a ruler to draw the bar-lines and note stems.
Keep your paper clean and tidy.

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Grade 1 Exercises



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