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Grade 1 Lessons

grade 1 lessons

Lessons for Grade One Music Theory

The Ultimate Music Theory Study Course

This theory of music course follows the requirements
of the questions asked by the

'The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music'

Music Theory Lessons Grade One

containing 18 detailed music theory lessons

This book contains all the information required
for music theory lessons grade one examination

The inspiring contents emulate the superb value ideal for students
embarking upon learning Music Theory.

The proven results from many of our students, will guarantee you
discover the easy approach to learning Music Theory.

Discover the entertainment and pleasure you receive while working
your way through these so easy to follow lessons.

Join the many students who have purchased Music Theory Lessons
and gained the highest marks when sitting their Music Theory

Celebrating a Distinction Pass when receiving their certificate.

This book along with the grades 1 to 5 is following closely with the
syllabus of the ABRSM.

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

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Below you will find a link for each topic required for grade one lessons


 Music Theory Music Notation Lessons Grade 1

 2. The Staff or Stave and Clef

  3. Time value of Music Notes

  4. Rests and Their Time Values

  5. Dotted Notes and Dotted Rests

  6. Time signatures and Bar lines

  7. Tied Notes and Slurs

  8. The Grand Staff and Ledger Lines

  9. Beamed Notes

  10. Stems Going Up or Down

  11. Accidentals

  12. Tones and Semitones

  13. Major Scales.

  14. Key Signatures

  15. Intervals

  16. Tonic Triads

  17. Writing Rhythm

  18. Italian Terms

  19. Performance Directions

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The information within Music Theory Grade One Lessons is progressive
and cumulative. The complete requirements for learning music theory
will be found in the five grades which we have followed closely with the
ABRSM examinations.

Here at we have presented the information required for
building your knowledge in easy enjoyable and interesting lessons,
along with exercises for you to test how well you are progressing with each

The detailed work is presented to you in the form of two books for each grade.
You will find we have covered Lessons, along with a Exercise book which gives
a set of exercises to cover each of the lessons learned within the grade one
lesson book.

The contents of these Music Theory Documents have given proven results
for many of our students, they will guarantee you discover the easy approach
to learning music theory.

With over 40 years of Music Teaching experience, Christina has worked her
music career experiences into building these amazing easy to understand home
development music study course.
The value of these books is far greater than the purchase price, but has
Christina says, how can you put a price on the knowledge you wish to
pass forward to others.

Each of the music theory lessons have been given in full illustration,
easy to follow information along with diagrams.
We trust these valuable lessons will get you well on the way in your
music journey.

These books are available to download in pdf format, and can be printed on A4
size paper, therefore, you can work in comfort, from lessons to exercises.


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May we wish you a very enjoyable journey through the world of music.


Lessons Grade One



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