Music Theory Education


Grade 5 Lessons

Grade 5 Lessons

Lessons for Grade Five Music Theory

The Ultimate Music Theory Study Course

This music theory lessons grade five course follows
 the requirements of the questions asked by the.


'The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music'

music theory lessons grade five


Music Theory Lessons Grade Five

containing 10 detailed music theory lessons

This book contains all the information
required for grade five examination

  The contents of this music theory lessons book being superb value ideal for all students
  learning Music Theory.

  The proven results from many of our students, will guarantee you discover the easy approach
  to learning Music Theory, along with playing any instrument is something to be enjoyed.
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  so easy to follow lessons.

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  marks when sitting their music theory exams.

  Celebrating a Distinction Pass when receiving their certificate.

  This book along with the grades 1 to 5 is following closely with the syllabus of the ABRSM

Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music

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Below you will find a link for each topic required for lessons grade five

Image for Music Theory Grade Five

  1. Irregular Time Signatures

  2. Tenor Clef

  3. Major and Minor Scales Six Sharps and Flats


  5. Open Score and Short Score

  6. Compound Intervals

  7. Chord Inversions

  8 a. Cadences

  8 b. Cadential Progressions

  9 a. Part One - Composing for Instrument

  9aa. Composing for Instrument

  9 b. Part Two - Composing for Voice

  10. Performance Directions and Signs

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Music Theory Grade Five Lessons


What's New in Grade Five?

  New Time Signatures, also, another new Clef. How to write in Open or Short Score.
  Intervals which go beyond the octave. Chord Inversions.
  More exciting things like: Cadences, and Cadential Progressions.
  Composing for Instruments, also Composing for Voice, lot's of new stuff in this grade
  Well it's the grade you have all been waiting to reach, here we are at last.
  Hope you have remembered all the information gathered from grades one through four.

Music Theory Lessons Grade Five consists of 10 lessons,
you will have noticed some are using (a) and (b)

  We trust you will enjoy working through the Music Theory Lessons Grade Four, and find
  them extremely valuable. Please click through the links, see what is on offer.

  These books are available to download in pdf format, and can be printed on A4 size
  paper, therefore, you can work in the comfort, from lessons to exercises.

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Grade 5 Lessons



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