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Music Theory Lessons Grade 5

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music theory lessons grade five

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Music Theory Lessons Grade 5


Relax in the comfort of your home and enjoy The Music Theory Lessons Grade Five Book.
This excellent book contains over 70 pages covering 10 music theory lessons grade five,
The Music Theory Lessons Grade Five Book has been designed to instruct and guide you to gain the knowledge necessary to achieve a high standard in your exam.

The topics covered within this music theory lessons book, are Irregular Time Signatures, The Tenor Clef, Transposition, Major and Minor Keys with Six Sharps and Six Flats. Composing for Instruments and Voice. Music Performance Directions, words and signs. Open Score and Short Score, Compound Intervals, Cadences etc......


All the above mentioned topics are set out in detailed lessons, with diagram illustrations along with easy to follow information. Everything you need to know to Pass Grade Five Examination with ABRSM.

Music Theory examinations are progressive and cumulative, therefore, it is very important to study well, you will be expected to have the knowledge of any subject specified in the preceding grades.


What marks do I need to Pass the exam?

Theory examinations are marked out of a total 100 points, with 66 marks required for a Pass.

For a pass with Merit, you will need 80 marks plus,

For a pass with Distinction you will need to gain 90 marks plus.............. 

  We offer the opportunity to work through some of the
challenges which you may encounter during your examination

Work through these well designed exercises, plus the test paper,
this will be very helpful, giving you an insight to what is expected on exam day.


Music Theory Lessons Grade 5


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