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Music Theory Music Notation
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music theory music notation lessons grade 1

Grade 1 Lesson 1 Music Notatiom

Music Notation means the music notes which you find written on the staff or (stave), Music Notation comes in many forms, They need to be different shapes like music notes called Crotchet (whole note) or Minim (half note) you will learn further down this page why two names are being given for the Music Notation, It's like the Staff or Stave different countries use different names for the Music Notation.

Music Noteshave different shapes, they are given names like:

'Semibreve' 'Minim' 'Crotchet' etc...

these names are used in the UK and other English speaking countries.
But in the U.S.A. Canada, and some other countries, names like:

'Whole Note' 'Half Note' and 'Quarter Note' etc...are preferred.

While you are studying your music theory, you will see both names are given.
Also in the examination you will use whichever name you prefer.

Just choose the one you like the best, both are equal and correct.

The notes written below are the five most popular music notes. These are the
kind you will find throughout this course, and will be used in any music theory Grade 1.

This list of music notationis starting with the highest notevalue.
Time values will be discussed in lesson three.


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Table of Music Notation


Below you will find a list of music notation, starting with the highest value note, moving down through the music notation values to the lowest value note. Notice both kinds of names have been given for the music notation, so you choose the kind you prefer. With music notation both kinds given are correct.

named music notation


Semibreve music note


The Semibreve (Whole Note) is an oval shaped note.
When you look at the Minim (Half Note) you will see it is like the Semibreve
(Whole Note)but it as a Stem.


Minim notes (half notes)

Notice the stem can go Down on the Left side of the Note Head
or it can go Up on the Right side of the Note Head.
You will find out why, shortly.


Crotchet notes (quarter notes)


The Crotchet (Quarter Note)also have a stem.
The difference between these notes and the Minim (Half Note)
is the Note Head which is filled in Black.


Quaver (eighth notes)

Here we have the Quaver (Eighth Note).
A Tail or Flag (again either name is correct)
is added to the stem.
The Tail / Flag is always drawn on the Right Side of the Stem.


semiquaver (sixteenth notes)

The Semiquaver (Sixteenth Note) almost like the
Quaver (Eighth Note)but this time with two tails or flags.


the staff or stave and clef

music theory music notation lessons grade 1



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